Dutt Anand Nayak

Dutt Anand Nayak

Health Checkup

Why do we need Preventive Health Checkup? “Prevention is better than cure”, “A stitch in time saves nine” are well-known adages. Today more emphasis is placed on the prevention of diseases and promoting health awareness. Growing sedentary lifestyles, increasing stress…

How To Start A Blog Step By Step For Beginners


A quick primer – Blogging for beginners There are five main steps you need to know for creating a blog quickly. We will focus on how to start a blog on WordPress later, but for now, it’s important you review these steps.…

Defeating Pandemic Brain


An authoritative specialist on the human brain and former NASA scientist who cautioned the administration about the negative effects of isolation during the pandemic was right, according to a recent Harvard Study. He is now Blowing The Whistle and disclosing the 6 most significant effects of the pandemic on the brain that NOBODY is telling you. It’s not your imagination, if you feel worse off physically and mentally than you were before the pandemic, this report could be very important to your long-term health. It implies that you must be Defeating Pandemic Brain. Because…